‘More Tesla than Poldark’

Cornish Lithium, a new company, is drilling boreholes . The company believes lithium is absorbed by hot waters deep underground in Cornwall and can be extracted in vast qualities to feed the demand for lithium batteries. Hard rock mining as well – perhaps 10,000 tonnes a year.

Cornwall has been the source of valuable minerals for 5000 years. Tin mine shafts going back to 3000 BC have been found in Pentewan Valley. Cornwall was the chief source of tin to make bronze, essential for swords that gave the Roman Army superiority in battle. Thousands of Roman coins have been discovered behind Caerhays Castle.

Look out for the engine houses of Cornish tin mines, found all over Cornwall. The National Trust’s St Just Levant Mine doubled as the Tresidder mill in the TV series Poldark. Wheal Martin Clay Museum behind St Austell tells the story of China Clay mining. All fine white ‘china’ (plates and teacups etc) came from China until china clay was discovered here in the 1760s, when Cornwall broke China’s stranglehold.

Cornish Lithium has acquired mineral rights over 230 square miles. It has so far raised £13m from crowdfunding and grants, and hopes to list on the stock market in two years’ time.

Lithium mostly comes from China, and is in short supply. This new source could break that stranglehold once again, and make Cornwall rich.